Casino Games: 2021 Gambling Popularity Ranking

Despite the development of Internet technologies, games in land-based casinos remain popular among gamblers. Each species and subspecies has its own unique characteristics. In today’s article, the Login Casino team will tell you about the most popular casino games that have been and remain relevant today.

The best casino games: foreign experience

Our material is not about online slots casino games. Foreign practice shows that not simulators, but directly slot machines are one of the most popular games in land-based casinos. They are placed not only in gambling clubs, but also in bars, hotels and any other public place for which there is a permit.

There were 166,860 slot machines and other electronic devices in Las Vegas in 2017, according to the University of Nevada. It is obvious that slot machines with bonus games are in high demand among gamblers. However, the gameplay in a stationary casino is different from that of an online casino.

Casino games: slot machines are an integral part of a gambling establishment

Today, most modern machines have undergone many changes compared to the first machines. They feature vibrating chairs, huge screens, 3D effects, surround sound, interactive rounds, and a variety of plots and themes. Licensed games are still of interest to gamblers and casino operators, while major stationary machine manufacturers are responding to new trends based on famous movies, games, television shows, board games, pop music characters, etc. Gaming software developers are constantly looking for ways to so that their products meet the requirements of the best gambling establishments in the world. Manufacturers are introducing innovative solutions such as 3D, VR, AR, AI. And the leaders of the gambling industry always have 24/7 customer support.

Casino games

Why do many people choose casino games – slot machines? Unlike poker, baccarat or blackjack in slot machines, the process does not require the use of complex computational strategies and methods, but comes down to a simple rotation of a lever or pressing a button. Also, the feature is that the game can be played without the participation of representatives of a land-based casino.

Interesting Facts

  • 68% of those who play in Las Vegas use slots
  • James Bond, agent 007, was an active roulette player (according to Ian Fleming’s books). His favorite number is 17
  • Birmingham was home to the smallest casino in the world. The gambling house was located at the back of a London taxi. The promotional travel casino had a game table, dealer, game room and bar, but no space to watch sports broadcasts
  • Some states support the “Voluntary Exclusion” programs, the so-called self-exclusion lists for gamblers who want to get rid of gambling addiction (addiction to gambling)
  • The first slot machine was installed not in a casino, but in a San Francisco auto shop in 1856
  • FedEx had to gamble in 1973 to save the firm from bankruptcy
  • Thimblers are known not only in the Russian Federation. For example, in the USA there are people who also cheat players with three shells and a ball. Such games are called “shell game”, which translated from English means “fraud” or “deception”
  • In casinos, the game of poker is also quite popular
  • casino games

Poker is one of the most widespread types of gambling, championships and tournaments in which are held in different countries both offline and online. Psychological research is also devoted to him: both in the field of player psychology in general (for example, the research “Characteristics of good poker players” by the Center for Addiction and Mental Health in the UK), and in matters of addiction and ethics (“Gambling and adults – research and practice” by Wayne Skinner and Nigel Turner), etc. In some countries, poker is considered a sport, for example, in Canada and Ukraine.

According to the Global Gambling Industry in Recent Years study provided by, the rise in popularity of poker has been traced since 2011. In Canada alone, in 2014, the average number of funds spent by one user reached $ 40, which is more than in roulette, blackjack, slots (the average bill is $ 38). By 2016, this figure had increased to $ 60 per customer of a gambling establishment.

The wide variety of casino poker varieties adds to the popularity of the gambling game. Such types as Russian poker and Texas hold’em are known all over the world and have their own circle of fans.

According to one of the largest poker companies, The Stars Group, in the third quarter of 2019, the corporation’s profit from poker was $ 192 million.

Casino gambling: slot machines – there is an alternative

Many gamblers prefer roulette in land-based casinos, which is considered one of the first introduced games of gambling houses.

Roulette has been on the rise in Las Vegas since 2016, according to NGCB, the gambling regulator of Nevada and one of the world’s gambling centers. It is indicative that only in February 2017, also according to the department, the number of roulette winnings here increased by 58.87%. In 2018, the growth was another 7.97%.

The basic rules have practically not changed: the wheel rotates, and the player has to choose between different rates. There are different variations of roulette: classic, European, French and American. Each has its own specific rules and casino advantage. Players choose roulette because it can use mathematical calculations to generate financial gain.

Casino gambling is abundant. There are those types of gambling in which the main emphasis is on the analysis and selection of a strategy, and there are games where the result will depend only on the player’s luck. In any case, everyone can choose a suitable variety for themselves.