Secrets of slot machines online

Today’s slot machines bear little resemblance to the first slot machines of the 20th century. The design of such devices has similar features, but the results are generated in a completely different way. Electronics are responsible for winning combinations, and a small board replaced the overall gears and shafts. The playing field is presented in the form of a screen, which demonstrates the results of the operation of the random number generator (RNG).

It is impossible to figure out the principles of calculating winnings for floor-standing slot machines (thanks to the RNG). At the same time, the casino administration carefully monitors the payment system, and immediately removes the player from the process for fraudulent schemes. However, there are still some secrets of slot machines. The list of the most relevant of them will be described in today’s material.

Not all slots pay the same

Generally, video slots pay less than traditional reel slots. This is due to the fact that slot slots are cheaper to use and maintain and less attractive to players than video slots. Thus, video slots attract more people, and the casino takes advantage of this by lowering the payout rate.

Slots are produced and programmed to guarantee the return of a certain percentage of the players’ investment. Often this figure varies in the region of 70-90%, but it can be higher or lower depending on the specific device. Not a single person would play if there were no jackpots in the history of slot machines. Some gambling establishments hide information about this, but most often this data is in the public domain for customers.

Slots slow down the game

Previously, virtually every gaming machine had a handle / lever to activate rotation. Today, such devices are less common. The casino doesn’t want the gamer to know that leverage is much slower than pressing a button. The establishments want the client to play as quickly as possible, since the more spins, the higher the chance in favor of the casino.