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It came from the skies!


What can this ‘strange’ celestial occurrence mean for this once great Kingdom? Oh no, it’s settling….


Great Britain is thwarted by Snow, again... Everybody panic! When the snow falls, so does this once glorious ‘empire’. The concept is simple. It’s snowing, it’s Great Britain and so everyone begins to panic! A satirical look at inclement weather and the UK’s apparent ineptitude in trying to cope.


It isn’t as surreal or as sinister as some of my other work. However, it still retains, I believe, some unusual elements and themes.


I tried to make the artwork as appealing and detailed, as possible, and used human eyes and hands which provides a nice aesthetic. The whole film is rendered with a cold-blue tint and uses both real photography and digital elements. All quite painstaking and hopefully, visually satisfying. The animation was predominantly produced using Anime Studio Pro, although various compositing and non-character based animation is processed using After Effects. All characters were originally drawn and then scanned and coloured in Photoshop. Anime Studio Pro is useful as it allows the import of PSD files as layers. The sound was recorded and processed using Sony Sound Forge 10.


Please feel free to leave comments on the YouTube Channel, on Twitter or on the Korky Films Facebook page.


See the gallery for screenshots and other Snow images...

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