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Korky films is a low to no budget animation and live-action filmmaking outfit based in Coventry, near London, the largest capital city in England.

Korky Films was established in 2003 by Lee Charlish and, since then, several films have been produced. In 2014, after a long hiatus, Korky Films was re-branded and all existing films were archived and hidden away from public display.

Korky Films specialises in short films of all genres for web viewing and festival entry. All films have a dedicated page within this site and will be uploaded to the Korky Films YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Most of Lee’s animated films will have an oneiric feel and exist in a bizarre hinterland between fantasy and reality.

Live-action work covers all genres and will usually involve high-concept storylines and compelling visual images.

Regular updates will occur via the Korky Films Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Please feel free to ‘follow’ or ‘like’ us via these social media platforms. 

My personal blog is also linked from this site and will contain news of current and future developments.

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