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Korky Films is fortunate enough to have had movies shown all over the world. This page showcases all our completed projects, including the film's poster, synopsis and trailer. Click each movie for more details.



Genre: Animation; Drama

Director: Lee Charlish

Starring: Martyn Luke, Stuart Walker, Mark Hancock, Damien Trent

Tagline: Never let self-doubt hold you captive

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Genre: Crime; Fantasy; Horror

Director: Lee Charlish

Starring: Jim Low, Peter James, Adrian Annis, Elaine Ward, Hannah Hargraves,

             Alex Kapila, Martyn Luke, Stuart Walker, Mark Hancock, Damien Trent

Tagline: When you sell your soul for money, there's always hell to pay...

Ash is tormented by demons and believes he must rid himself of the ‘blood money’, acquired through treachery and violence, to obtain redemption from the angered spirit world. Donnie, his violent and thuggish accomplice, is desperate to lay hands on the illicit cash and will stop at nothing to obtain it, even if he must sell his own soul.

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