Pig Dream

Real monsters don’t live under your bed, they live inside your head…

On one level it’s a dream about pigs... Pigs in suits, with an axe and malevolent intentions. A passive aggressive mutant mother, in desperate need of medical attention, and a creature from the depths of a decaying bath.

One another, deeper level, it’s an oneiric animation which is deliberately played out in an odd dreamscape or surreal hinterland and shows the descent into mental illness, paranoia and schizophrenia.

This, much like a dream, may well appear to show a stream of disjointed non-sequiturs, but there is actually a deeper meaning…

Various totems are included, such as doll’s heads, diving bells and sharks, which all add a rich stock to the creepy stew… I utilised digitally created imagery and real-life elements which were then styled in Photoshop to produce the characters, the ‘Man’, ‘Mummy’ and Ostinato (a ‘working name which stuck); the odd ‘bath creature’, and the various grungy backgrounds and objects.


British Special Mention Award - DepicT! Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival 2016

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