The bind of the daily grind can drive you out of your tiny mind…

No job, no prospects and descending into depression; Maurice Bund is looking for something better and then he finds a job and his problems really start to begin…

ninetofive depicts the mundanity of life in a dead-end job at a strange, authoritarian office. The mysterious business hides several secrets and ensnares it employees through boredom, indoctrination and even death.

An oneiric animation, set in a dark and mysterious office block occupied by a bizarre, family run business with cult-like machinations. The film plays out like a prescient nightmare; exposing a seedy underbelly of ‘the daily grind’ which descends into deepest depths of depravity.

A broad range of characters exist in this story, ranging from the bored, apathetic, sociopathic and even the dead and the ‘undead’. The atmosphere is oppressive, morbid and claustrophobic and the characters and locations exist in a surreal dreamscape.

I utilised digitally created imagery and real-life elements, which were then styled in Photoshop to produce the characters and various ominous backgrounds and objects to create the feel and mood.


Best Animated Film 2018 - Midlands movies Awards 2018


Best Animation - Winchester Film Festival 2017

Best Animation - Birmingham Film Festival 2017

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