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Korky Films is fortunate enough to have had movies shown all over the world. This page showcases all our completed projects, including the film's poster, synopsis and trailer. Click each movie for more details.



Genre: Sci-Fi; Animation

Director: Lee Charlish

Starring: Lee Charlish, Alan Charlish

Tagline: There is a dark side of the moon

As an astronaut falls from space his soul still orbits the moon in transcendental chaos. Desperately trying to cling onto sanity and life as we know it, he is forced to make a mind-blowing decision.

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Genre: Fantasy; Dark; Horror

Director: Lee Charlish
Starring: Adrian Annis, Georgina Mellor, Nathan Lapworth

Tagline: Be careful what you wish for…

A bickering couple, Thomas and Natalie, are stranded on a deserted, country lane, because their car has run out of fuel. After deciding to try and find a garage, they become lost and disorientated, and eventually happen upon a creepy looking SCARECROW. The scarecrow has an ominous sign around its neck which reads ‘Do Not Touch’ and, although Thomas is nervous and cautious, Natalie becomes intrigued by its apparent mysticism and is prepared to ignore the stark warning with chilling results.

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