Return from the Moon

An astronaut is sent tumbling back to Earth after a mission to the moon ends abruptly.

Strange and prescient visions of a failed world manifest themselves in his addled mind; triggered by his presence on a previously unchartered area of the lunar surface, simply known as the dark side of the Moon.

Acting as a cosmic crystal ball, a shocking display of destructive images are embedded in his brain, leaving him confused and tortured by an insight which drives him out of his mind.

Tumbling back to Earth, he tries to escape the nightmarish and shocking ordeal with the ‘help of some strange visitors, whose intentions may not be entirely benevolent. As the world watches, his fate is ultimately decided by himself and whether he can escape his newly supplanted vision of a bleak future.

Return to the Moon was created entirely digitally except for the use of a 'space capsule' model made from a sprayed hamster ball, recycled plastic and Lego. It was privately screened mid-December and won Best Animated Film Midlands Movies Awards 2019. It was also nominated for Best Visual Effects.

Experimental in tone, the movie depicts a catastrophic vision of the future presented by an alien being, which drives an astronaut literally out of his mind.


Best Animated Film - Midlands Movies Awards 2019


Best Visual Effects - Midlands Movies Awards 2019

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