A Sort of Burial

It's bye, bye to Basil.

A Sort of Burial is a quaint, live-action comedy drama.

Alistair is literally running late for the funeral of Basil, CARLA’s best friend and, seemingly, a mutual acquaintance. Carla tries to call Alistair repeatedly and resorts to texting him. Alistair, out of cigarettes and gasping for a smoke, decides to stop for a fresh supply before sparking up and finally noticing the missed calls and Carla’s desperate text to enquire where he is. 

Alistair duly arrives with Carla making no attempt to hide her annoyance. They discuss their feelings about Basil’s life; their feelings towards him, and just who and why Harry, a local 'decking guy', is also in attendance. The Vicar manfully runs through the service and desperately deflects the crass interjections from the haples mourners.


Runner up - Best Screenplay - Out of the Can Film Festival 2019


Best Screenplay - Out of the Can Film Festival 2019

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