The Cold Caller

A woman awakes after being drugged to find herself tied up in a dingy, decrepit room, with a psychopath for company. Locating her belongings, she attempts to reach the outside world, but instead, it reaches out to her.

The movie was written by Lee Charlish who also assumed directing and editing duties. It unashamedly pays homage to well-trodden horror tropes of the 70s and 80s to create a sense of immediate unease and familiarity, but with a modern-day twist.

The Victim is played by Marian Elizabeth or ‘Mazzy’ as she was affectionately known on set. Her diminutive stature further imbues a distinct level of unease and helplessness, as the audience watch her formulate an escape from a crazed madman; seemingly responsible for the murders of many local women. The Psychopath is played by local actor and filmmaker Mark Hancock. Complete with a shocking hessian mask and oily, bloodied attire; the movie’s villain is suitably menacing. Completing the cast is Stuart Walker as The Cold Caller. His voice work is amazing and really captures the mood required for the sensational denouement.

The crew list was deliberately small as Lee Charlish used his own garage as The Psychopath’s Lair and space was limited. Months of production design occurred to ensure the set looked suitably grim, during which time all manner of creepy items were curated and strategically placed. Assuming camera duties, along with Lee, was Damien Trent, another Coventry based filmmaker (from Doktored Films).

Make-up was designed and applied by Jessica Peck, a Warwickshire based make-up artist and actor, who has appeared in local productions and is beginning a career in make-up and design. She is currently studying a Production Arts course. The atmospheric and creepy musical score was provided by Chris Pemberton, a session musician who has toured with renowned musician John Grant and James Blunt. The soundtrack perfectly captures the ominous situation portrayed in the movie.


Best UK Short Film - Wirksworth Short Film Festival 2019

Best Sound Design - Mixing and Editing - Midlands Movies Awards 2020


Best Horror - Out of the Can Film Festival 2019

Best Horror - Bottle Smoke Film Festival 2019

Best Micro Short Film - Birmingham Film Festival 2019

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